Go First Cancels Flights Until 23rd May 2023 Due to Operational Reasons

In an unexpected announcement, Go First, the popular Indian low-cost airline, has canceled all its flights until 23rd May 2023 due to operational reasons. This decision is likely to impact a large number of passengers who had booked flights during this period.

A Blow to Travel Plans

The sudden cancellation of flights will undoubtedly disrupt the travel plans of many passengers. Go First has expressed its regret for the inconvenience caused and has assured that it is working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.

Further Information and Support

Customers are requested to visit the provided link, https://bit.ly/42ab9la, for more information regarding the flight cancellations. Go First has also encouraged its customers to reach out for any queries or concerns. The airline is committed to providing support and assistance during this challenging time.


Looking Forward

While the exact operational reasons for the cancellation have not been disclosed, Go First is expected to take all necessary steps to minimize the impact on its customers. The airline is also likely to provide updates and further information about the resumption of flights in due course.

Go First flight cancel extended

Go First has canceled all its flights until 23rd May 2023 due to operational reasons. Customers are requested to visit https://bit.ly/42ab9la for more information and to reach out with any queries or concerns.

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