The Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan has issued an urgent advisory for all Indian students residing in the country to remain indoors due to escalating mob attacks targeting foreign students, particularly those from Pakistan. The situation has deteriorated rapidly, causing widespread fear and panic among the Indian student community, especially medical students.

Recent Developments:

Reports of violence against foreign students began to emerge in the past few days, with mobs targeting hostels and residences primarily occupied by Pakistani students. The situation quickly escalated, prompting the Indian Embassy to issue a warning for all Indian citizens to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary外出.

Embassy’s Response:

The Indian Embassy in Bishkek has been actively monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with local authorities to ensure the safety and security of Indian nationals. They have also established a 24/7 helpline (0555710041) for students to report any emergencies or concerns.

Advice for Indian Students:

  • Stay Indoors: It is crucial for all Indian students to remain indoors and avoid venturing out unless absolutely necessary.
  • Maintain Communication: Stay connected with the Indian Embassy and follow their updates and instructions.
  • Avoid Large Gatherings: Do not participate in any protests or large gatherings, as these could potentially turn violent.
  • Emergency Contact: Keep the embassy’s helpline number readily available and inform your family and friends of your situation.

Government’s Efforts:

The Indian government is actively monitoring the situation and is working closely with the Kyrgyz authorities to ensure the safety of its citizens. The Ministry of External Affairs has assured all possible assistance to Indian students in Kyrgyzstan.

The Situation for Medical Students:

Medical students, who comprise a significant portion of the Indian student population in Kyrgyzstan, are particularly vulnerable due to the attacks targeting their hostels and residences. Many are reportedly living in fear and uncertainty, unsure of when the situation will improve.

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