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The iPhone 13 was launched last year. But, there is still a lot of hype about this phone. The company is currently offering a bumper discount on this. This smartphone is listed on the e-commerce site Flipkart. That means you can buy iPhone 13 quite cheaply right now.


iPhone 13 Was launched in India last year for Rs 79,900. Its price has been cut after the iPhone 14 launch. After the price cut, the iPhone 13 has been made available for Rs 69,900. But, it can be bought more cheaply right now.


iPhone 13 price on Flipkart

From Flipkart you can buy iPhone 13 for Rs 64,999. Apart from this, buyers will also get bank offers and exchange offers. This will reduce its price to 20 thousand rupees more. The iPhone 13 was launched in 2021 but, most people prefer to buy it instead of the iPhone 14.


Even after being a year old, it is a very premium smartphone and leaves many Android phones behind in the speed of speed. Here we are telling about the entire deal found on this in details.


iPhone 13 for less than 40 thousand rupees 

The iPhone 13 is listed on Flipkart for Rs 64,999. This price is less than the price stated on Apple’s website. Apart from this, if you have a Federal Bank Card, you will get an additional discount of Rs 1500. This reduces its price to Rs 63,499.


You can also exchange old iPhones to reduce the price of the phone even more. However, you also get the facility to do Android phone exchange. The company is also offering exchange offers of up to Rs 22,500. With all the deals and discounts, the iPhone 13 can be purchased for less than 40 thousand rupees.


Why the offer is not much worthy.

In order to get the max discount you need to sel your phone atleast twice the value of max discount which means you need to sell you some very premium phone in good condition having MRP around 45k-50 Rs which don’t make a good choice to most of people.

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