Saudi Arabia has implemented strict rules for entering or staying in Makkah during the Hajj period. From 15/11/1445 AH to 15/12/1445 AH, only those with a valid permit will be allowed to enter Makkah.

1. Restrictions for Visit Visa Holders

  • Importance of Visit Visa: Holders of visit visas of any type or name will not be allowed to perform Hajj.
  • Need for Permit: A special permit is required to perform Hajj, and without it, entry to Makkah will not be permitted.

2. Duration and Rules

  • Dates: From 15/11/1445 AH to 15/12/1445 AH, no visit visa holders will be allowed to enter Makkah.
  • Compliance with Rules: During these dates, only those with a valid permit will be granted entry.

3. Penalties for Violations

  • Punishments and Fines: Anyone violating these rules will face penalties according to Saudi Arabian laws and regulations.
  • Legal Actions: Strict legal actions will be taken against those entering Makkah without a permit.

4. Saudi Government’s Strictness

  • Reason for Rules: These measures are taken to manage the crowd and ensure safety during Hajj.
  • Necessity: Maintaining the sanctity and order during Hajj is the primary reason for this decision.


Saudi Arabia’s decision ensures that only those with valid permits can perform Hajj. Visit visa holders must adhere to this rule and obtain the necessary permit for entry or stay in Makkah during the specified period.

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