Everyone will remember the glory of 1980-1990, that Yamaha bike. This bike, which was in demand from 1980 till a few years ago, was known for its speed. But, a few years ago this bike was discontinued by the company, which is now coming again. Earlier this bike used to catch the speed of 100 in just 7 seconds. This was the reason that this bike was also the lifeblood of superstars Rajinikanth and Ajay Devgan, as these actors have used this bike in many of their films. Yes, we are talking about the 1985 Yamaha RX100 bike, whose craze is still not over. This is the reason that the company is preparing to launch this bike again in a new avatar.



Let us tell you that the Next Gen Yamaha RX100 will have a bigger engine. Yamaha has confirmed that they are working on launching the new-gen RX 100, but this time it will be powered by a bigger engine.



What will be different from before?

Yamaha India President Ishin Chihana had earlier revealed that the RX100 is making a comeback. According to him, the name of RX100 will remain the same. No other motorcycle will take its place. This is done intentionally, as the company plans to bring this icon back again.



Company considering big engine

It is very clear that Yamaha will not bring back the 2-stroke engine of the OG RX100 due to the BS6 norms. Also it is very clear that Yamaha is taking their good time to bring back the RX100 as they do not want to tarnish the name of that iconic bike. A recent report suggests that Yamaha RX100 is considering a bigger engine.


Engine will be more than 300cc

However, it is not yet known which engine could power the Yamaha RX100. Yamaha has 150 cc and 250 cc engines. Out of this, the company can use any engine. However, it is expected that the company will only provide an engine above 300cc in this bike.



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