Hacks to book flight and hotels at less price.

For those who are fond of exploring new places, traveling should never stop. But money is needed to keep going all the time. In such a situation, if they get information about how they can save the extra expenditure on tickets during travel, then it will be very good for their journey.

1: Book early

It may sound trite, but there is no better way to get cheap flight tickets than by planning your travel in advance and booking tickets at that time. It doesn’t matter if any discounts or offers are available or not, booking early has always proved to be the best way to get discounted airfares.


2: Use incognito mode

Why do you think you see an inflated amount almost every time you visit a flight booking website? Your cookies and server data are automatically recorded with these portals. So as soon as the system detects that you are visiting the website for the second time, it starts showing you the increased airfare. The best way to avoid this is to use the private browsing mode or the popular Incognito mode in the Chrome browser. If you are using the browser normally, make sure you clear the cookies or just open the website from a different browser or computer.


3: You can use comparison websites for flights

It is always considered a good idea to use some flight comparison websites before booking your flight tickets. Remember, no matter how rushed you are. Websites like SkyScanner, Kayak and Momondo provide you this facility.


4: Don’t book tickets on weekends

Booking flights on weekends is not a good idea. If you observe carefully, airfares usually increase on Fridays and start falling from Monday or Tuesday. Experts say that Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to book flight tickets.

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