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New guideline for EPFO issues

If you claim your EPF and it is getting rejected again and again for one reason or the other, then this news is for you. Now your EPF claim will not be rejected. Because the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has recently issued new guidelines to all its regional offices. In which clear instructions have been given to all the responsible officers that no claim should be rejected.


No rejection can be done now

According to EPFO, the claims should be processed as soon as possible and the same claim should not be rejected on multiple grounds. Further EPFO has said that every claim should be thoroughly investigated in the first instance and the reasons for rejection should be informed to the member in the first instance. Let us tell you that complaints are often received about repeated rejection of claims on different grounds.


Rejection is now bigger task

As per the new EPFO instructions, the field offices will also be required to send a report on monthly rejection of similar PF claims to the zonal office for review. The claim should be processed within the stipulated time. The order also said that it was observed that in many cases the claims were rejected for one particular reason and when it was resubmitted after correction, it was again rejected for other or different reasons.

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