A video of two girls performing romantic stunts on a moving bike has gained attention on social media. The girls were seen sitting on the petrol tank of the bike and performing stunts without fear. This is a new trend where couples are seen being romantic on moving bikes and scooties. The girls have taken it to a new level and surprised everyone with their stunts.


For a long time, we are seeing some people falling in love in a stormy way. In recent times, couples sitting on a moving bike or scooty have been seen in a romantic style in different cities of the country.

Currently, among all these, the video of two girls is attracting everyone’s attention on social media. In which she is seen performing stunts in a romantic style without fear while running a bike on the road.

Actually in the past where we have seen boys riding bikes and girls hugging each other sitting on top of the petrol tank. On the other hand, going a step ahead of them, these girls have surprised everyone. In the video, both the girls were seen in normal clothes, during this one girl was seen sitting on the petrol tank of the bike and at first she was seen playing with each other while performing stunts on the bike.


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