IMD Predicts Weakening of Cyclonic Storm

According to a recent report from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the ongoing cyclonic storm affecting India is projected to weaken slightly from Saturday, May 13th. This comes as a relief to many, as the country has been dealing with the impact of the storm for several days now.

Storm’s Predicted Trajectory

The IMD’s models predict that the storm will gradually re-curve, moving in a north-northeastward direction. This shift in trajectory will lead the storm to cross the southeast Bangladesh and north Myanmar coasts between Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and Kyaukpyu in Myanmar. This movement is expected to occur around the forenoon of May 14th.

Cyclone’s Current Wind Speed

Currently, the cyclone is moving with a maximum sustained wind speed of 110-120 kmph, gusting to 130 kmph. The IMD added that these speeds are expected to decrease as the storm begins to weaken.

Potential Impact on Bangladesh and Myanmar

As the cyclonic storm is predicted to cross over Bangladesh and Myanmar’s coasts, these regions are advised to prepare for potential heavy rains and strong winds. Officials in these countries are working closely with IMD to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of their residents.

Safety Measures in Place

Indian authorities have implemented necessary safety measures to protect the areas that could potentially be affected by the cyclone. Rescue and relief teams are on standby, and local communities have been briefed on safety procedures in case the storm does not weaken as predicted.

In conclusion, the IMD’s forecast brings hope for those affected by the cyclonic storm. However, with the storm’s trajectory moving towards Bangladesh and Myanmar, the residents of these regions are urged to stay vigilant and follow safety guidelines issued by the authorities.

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